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H O K U T O M E D I A is a complete manual for every Hokutoryu Ju-jutsu trainer.

You can browse all belt techniques from yellow to black belt. Techniques are being showed using high quality photograps. These high quality pictures has been taken by a professional photographer.  The techniques has been demonstarted by the very best Hokutoryu black belt representatives. Because of this you can be sure to get excatly right perspective from the techniques. Also other intresting techniques will be published to the H O K U T O M E D I A website.

So the first step has been published now including the etiquette, yellow, orange and green belt techniques. Second step will be published in the end of year 2018 including blue, brown and black belt techniques.

You can choose many different ways how to browse the content:

- you can browse techniques starting from the belt technique list
- you can start browse basic techniques for example kicks, blocks or throws so the techs will be shown with a one click.

License is valid one (1) year.  Because the second step will be published in the end of year 2018 the license time one year starts from that point.  So if you purchased now you will get half of year extra time and 10% off from the prize.

There is two levels how you can purchase the H O K U T O M E D I A:

1. Basic level, techiques from yellow to brown
2. Advanced level (ONLY HOKUTORYU BLACK BELTS), special content for black belts


After you have purchased the lisence you will get username and password to log in. The username and password is for personal use ONLY. You can not allow anyone else to use your password or username. We follow abuses technically. In case of abuse all privilidges to kenjutsu technical content will be cancelled (money which have been payed will be not be returned). Abuser has also grate danger to lose his/her Hokutoryu rank.

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Hokutoryu Ju-jutsu techniques / HOKUTOMEDIA

Hokutoryu Ju-jutsu techniques / HOKUTOMEDIA

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