Licence for (1) year.

OBS! This product will be delivered ONLY by email.

We think this product is effective tool to every kenjutsuka. When kenjutsuka is heading to graduations he/she can check the belt techniques from there. So it is nearly mandatory to have this license.

There is two versions:

  • Normal version, where is everything except black belt techniques and instructors material.
  • Instructor/black belt version

After succesful payment the systen will create and send to you a user name and a password during next 48 hours.

  • etiquette (bows before and after training) ...
  • basic techniques (batto-shites, notos, strikes...)
  • positions / kamae
  • syllabus, belt techniques
  • katas
  • common kenjutsu techniques
  • ukemi techniques

We update the content regurarly.


The username and password is for personal use ONLY. You can not allow anyone else to use your password or username. We follow abuses technically. In case of abuse all privilidges to kenjutsu tecnical content will be cancelled (money which have been payed will be not retuned). Abuser has also grate danger to lose his/her kenjutsu rank.

By purchasing the lisence you accept these terms.

36,00 €


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